Benevolent narcissistic diety




Eidolon Mastery (50 pts)

H’jaster is a fair and just ruler. In the past he has lead his armies to victory but only for just causes to help shape the world to be the best it could be. As Emperor he treats people as equals as to be respectful of all. He’s very tech savvy while being a master of magic, being able to create anything and change anything. His powers unite his worlds. He is a savvy businessman, warrior, general and diplomat and that has helped him be the best ruler he could be.


Returning to Earth after a 1000 year war I was appalled at what my brother had allowed to happen. The Roman Empire had fallen, the world had been in hundreds of years of dark ages and warfare. I looked out and saw the Nazi’s placing innocents in concentration camps and looting the victims’ valuables. I cried out “This shall not continue” and with a wave of my hand I freed the prisoners and wiped the Nazi’s off the face of the earth. Word spread quickly around the globe and fighting ceased. I called for a convention of all the world leaders and once together I used my powers to unite the world into a single country where all spoke the same language and prosperity reigned with myself as the Emperor, just as I had been in times past. In a matter of 50 years with my guidance and peace the world was able to get to technological advances that would have taken hundreds of years had I not returned.


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