Youthful netrunning rebel




Nano Suit
(14pts) – Invulnerable, Psychic Neutral, Pass through Door, Regeneration. Alternate form, Hangs up to 10 spells.
Personal Domain “Atecod”(5pts) – Fusion Tech, Magic Unknown, Restricted Access, Control of Time, Eidolon Avg, Umbra Average, Wrighting Blocked

Jax refuses the idea that the world has intrinsic value, and in fact believes that most ideologies that claim otherwise were created to control people. He is opposed to psychological slavery and uses his power to free the minds of those duped believers. That same power has changed Jax from a sarcastic, jittery character to a collected, imposing figure. While he hasn’t changed his visage, Jax has chosen a tall, fit figure to match his new attitude, and while he’s still happy to stay in the background, he expects respect when he has something to say.


When Darksider1984 was snapped from his VR GigaMan game into a comfortable-but-worn sofa, he thought he’d encountered a bug. But when he saw who towered in front of him, he knew different. Jax spoke:
Freedom. It’s not fulfilling your parents’ dreams of travel, love, and political power. It’s not what the government told you it was: an address, a passport, and a gun. It’s the opposite of GigaCorp’s high-paying slavery. Freedom is understanding nothing in the world has a purpose that you don’t give to it. Freedom can change shackles to whips, walls to doors, gods to people, and a death to a beginning. They’ve shown you the world they want; let me show you the world I want, and maybe you’ll finally see the world you want.
The screen went blank. Darksider1984 took of his headset and took a second to calm down, before he noticed the disk in his lap. How could Jax have don that? He thought for a second, put it in the computer, and put his goggles back on. This, he HAD to see.


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