Jonah Wilde

Spellcasting super-spy




Sorcery (15) –
Cantrips (5) – Clarity, Eidolon Negate, Glitch, Umbra Negate, Surge
“The Last Room” (5pts) – Personal Domain, Restricted Access, Limited Control of Destiny
“Skycrest” Anti-Umbral Field Generator (9pts) – Limited Mold Gossamer Reality, Psychic Barrier for Umbral Abilities Only, Xfrd Psychic Barrier
“Wrist Computer” (7pts) –Resistant, Full Speech, Hang 12 Spells
Stuff – Good (1pt)


The night is dark. A row of street lights stretch out to the distance. Only a few still function and those only dimly. A mist, colored a sickly yellow by the failing lights, covers the street in a soft haze. It flows down and collects in the pot holes and ditches of the poorly maintained street. Something is coming. .A sound comes from seemingly nowhere, soft but persistent. It bounces off the old dilapidated buildings and echoes in your ear. It is like nothing you have heard before. Like metal stressed almost to the point of breaking. It pierces into your brain and makes your teeth hurt. Then suddenly it stops. Something is here; where there was once nothing there is now a door. Made of cold steel with a symbol of warning embossed on to its surface. It reflects an eerie blue light that doesn’t come from any visible source. The door, though suspended by no frame you can see begins to open. The mist now colored by the eerie blue light swirls as the door passes through it. Someone is behind the door. .A dark figure is silhouetted in the doorway, tall and thin his features obscured by a hood. You see his eyes scan the street, as though he is seeking something. Whatever he is looking for he finds only you. He seems to take stock almost instantly. So smoothly you weren’t even sure you saw him move he lifts his hand to his face where he rests a single finger on his lips and smiles. With a conspiratorial smirk as if you had been let in on a great and profound secret he steps back and closes the door behind him. Then it’s just gone. You are alone again.

Jonah Wilde

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