Oswald Flynt

Dwarven steampunk engineer



PSY 35 Rank: 1
STR 12 Rank: 4
END 16 Rank: 3
WAR 10 Rank: 5

Umbra Mastery

Oswald is a dwarf living on the demi-human integrated, steampunk world Brieton. Oswald was also born with Umbral Mastery. Due to its influence, Oswald has a knack for creating, improving and repairing things thought nigh un-improvable or repairable. He believes these talents reside only in the realm of the mechanical, but all that is about to change. Oswald has been receiving “messages” camouflaged as curious coincidences or trivialities – unique patterns of numbers, billboards reflecting his thoughts – suggesting a greater reality poking through the seams.


“Yes, Coordinator?” Blurted Oswald, tilting his head toward the voice behind him.
“Will the RH-27 be ready for prototype by the 13 of August?” Spat Coordinator Mao, craning over Oswald using every inch of his superior height.
Oswald directed his head back to the schematic, “This data . . . this data, represents a surprising misapprehension of our basic understanding of lepton dynamics.” Oswald pulled at a cord that shuttled the large, hanging canvases of data crowding the air of his workshop. They whirled by like frames in a kinetoscope, stopping at one abruptly.
“You see here, test number… uh, 97. Something has occluded the Casting Lens, affecting lepton permeability, and here again in test 214… truly astound—“, Oswald began.
“I’m sure it’s quite fascinating,” interrupted Mao, “but I need a date, Wylde! I need to know if the Tantalus will be ready for prototype by the fall expo.”
Oswald turned his head around and up, almost facing Coordinator Mao, but he wasn’t thinking about Mao or RH-27. The strange thing is – the disturbing thing was– that test 97 and test 214 were both conducted by him, personally. In fact, they were the only two trials Oswald performed! The rest were carried out by Rutger and Wallace: the interns.
“What? Uh… yes, it should be.” A posture of rigid professionalism seemed to possess Oswald. “The RH-27’s truth-value sits at about 99.997%. According to Richardson-Hitachi safety standards, we’re still . . .”
“Good. I want to start production by the eighth.” Mao interjected. “Send the Tantalus data to Assembly by the first of August. Good job, Oswald. We’re going to show the boys at Titan Industries a whole new world.” Coordinator Mao spun and strutted towards the door of Oswald’s workshop. “This is a game changer, Flynt. This is the game changer.”
Oswald Flynt shifted his normally merry, blue eyes back to the data canvass labeled “97.”
“Yes, Coordinator: The game changer.”

Oswald Flynt

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